Monday, September 14, 2009

There is something to CeLEbRATe!!

I just had my first jewelry show at 30th Annual Arts & Crafts show at Lawrence, KS with my Yoga friend, Carol. She made wonderful greating cards, called "Anything Quote. She took the photographs of scenery wherever she went and used her talent to come up with quote that suited the picture and made them greeting cards and put them in picture frame. her quotes that she picked are so meaningful and memorable both the person who received and the person who gave to. As you can see my display was absolutely unorganized. Thanks to Carol for lending me one of her acrylic card shelf. There were a lot of people showed up for the shows and to enjoy the nice cool weather that we had yesterday. Best of all we made some sales too.

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  1. The booth looks good. Glad you had a nice day and made some sales, too.