Sunday, April 18, 2010

FuN to Wear collection

I had such fun making this collection. First I have pearl top drill Keishi that I made before. I made like a flower and add faceted stones in the middle. They are so colorful and fun to wear. Later I found top drill Jade and other stones in local store that have all kind of colors. I made another set of pendants. I found that it is really fun to wear because of color and I got compliments from friends and family. I had a nice set that I can make a collection. I think they are look good with leather cords or just a simple sterling silver necklace.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Happy New Year Everyone!!

New year, new life, new improvement! I feel brand new in this new year that any other year. Something good or better will happen to this world. Before you know Valentine is on the way once again. I was thinking of John Lennon's song, "All you need is LOVE". That is so true. I can't imagine life without love. I know I can't go on with my life without it.