Saturday, May 16, 2009

My toe ring was a hit!!

There is something to talk about. First I made toe ring for myself then, I think I can sell this toe ring because it is so cute. I made them like a flower with pearl and the ring I just coil it, made it more adjustable. Sometime I wear it on my pinky finger. After couple of days that I listed couple of toe rings in my etsy shop, one of them was sold. So I was kind of bragging about in my facebook, posted the picture of the ring. One of my friend who is in Yoga class that I am in, mentioned that she wanted to see my toe ring. So I showed her right away because I wore it with me. After that many of my Yoga fellows stormed in to see what it was going on. They all thought that it is cute. I got 4 orders right at the spot. After making  some extra, just in case another might like it too, I went to the class next time, I sold 5 more and 2 custom orders again. It is such a wonderful feeling that someone like my stuffs. Check out my "Flower Toe Ring or Pinky Ring  You Decide", that the name of my item.

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